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the light is waning August 18, 2010

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This morning on my way out to milk the goats it was dark.  Darker than it had been before, how did I miss that?  

In the evenings the sun is going down a little bit earlier, the dark comes just a little bit quicker. 

Summer’s is on its way out and I still have so much I want to do. 

The end of this summer is the end of so much more than picnics, camping, BLT sandwiches and ice cream.  It is the end of my life in the corporate world.  Fall of 2010 comes with hope, anticipation, plans and even more hope.  Everyday. at. home.

Time to play, cook, garden, minister, serve, mother, eat, visit, craft.

Time to teach, learn, grow and watch it all happen.

Yes, summer is moving on, but fall is coming and I do so love the look of the leaves.


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