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…the problem… July 22, 2010

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Here it is, the problem.  The reason why.  The excuse. 

I don’t have enough time. 

I know, everyone of you is sighing and saying,   “Rachel, no one ever has enough time.”
My mother is saying, “ You would have more time if you learned how to say no.”
My house is saying, “Give me some more time and I won’t be nearly so messy”

Let me tell you the story:

Rachel wanted goats.  Dairy goats to be more specific.  Dairy goats that produced milk that Rachel turned into delicious and now cheap GOAT CHEESE.  Rachel and Nater ran the numbers, did the talking, planned the planning and decided–this was not the year, no matter how delicious the GOAT CHEESE would be.

Fast forward 3 weeks.  Some friends  from church approach us about housing some 4H goats on our property for their daughter.  They will foot the bill of the building and fencing and we can do the bulk of the care, but these goats do not make milk for GOAT CHEESE.

Fast forward another 3 months.  Two baby goats arrive to a very big goat shed, nicknamed the Goat Taj Mahal, and lots and lots of grass.  Cody and Molly live in the taj mahal for a few months, gaining weight and not eating any of the grass, in fact we have to mow!  Did you know goats actually don’t eat much grass, they are more of a browser and eat trees and bushes rather than grass.

Now jump to two weeks ago.  Rachel is gone on a missions trip to VA beach and talks with her lovely amazing husband who tells her he is going to pick up two dairy goats that currently have their milk and will be producing milk so that Rachel can make GOAT CHEESE. 

So now, Rachel has two dairy goats that need to get milked twice a day, at 6 and 6.  Producing about 3/4 of a gallon of fresh, untreated, hormone free, delicious creamy goats milk a day.  But now Rachel has to strain the milk, chill the milk, skim the cream from the milk and wash everything incredibly well, not to mention feed the goats, water the goats, muck the goats and more, taking so much time that she has not yet made any GOAT CHEESE! Nor does she have any time to say yes to anything let alone no, nor sweep the floor, scrub the bathroom or do laundry.

The lesson of this story is this:  two dairy goats, an 8.30 to 5 job and an hour of travel time a day does not equal GOAT CHEESE. (or mowed grass)