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10 things bringing me joy June 19, 2010

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idea is courtesy of Soulemama

1. The anticipation of picking more of these delicious and prolific blueberries, from our own backyard!

2.  This recipe at 101cookbooks and how many adaptations I can make, how tasty they are, and how I love to use my own yogurt!

3.  Bike riding here there and everywhere.

4.  Trading a small pot of herbs, which I think has unfortunately perished, for this logo.  And then to read her thoughts behind it here.  All that this logo means has me so very excited!

5.  My husband.  I know it sounds cheesy and oh so very glib, but I do have an amazing man for a friend, partner, husband and more.  We are only in week two of his summer vacation and the projects he has finished while watching LJ and finishing a class for his masters is astonishing.  I have much to learn!

6.  Clean, line dried, crisp sheets.  They are not on the bed yet, but they will be tonight.

7. Stricklands Ice cream

8.  Winning the quiz at clevernesting!

9.  Lots of night time candle lit front porch tea drinking

10. Knowing that this

will turn into our first tomato of the season


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