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Rhubarb March 30, 2010

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Some people… Throwback at Trapper Creek and Organette live where rhubarb is already in full swing, or bloom (what exactly does rhubarb do?  Maybe unfurl?)

I live where rhubarb still look like this.

Recipes, desserts, jams and sauces are still weeks away.

Last year was our first year with Rhubarb.  We we given some very very old root “masses” that had been dug up.  After splitting and dividing the roots we planted some, gave some away and waited.  We had a minimal harvest for obvious reasons, and I have since learned the little we did harvest probably should have been left alone, helping to feed the rhizome’s for future years.

Well this year is different, and I have been saving up, clipping, bookmarking and cutting out any recipe that features rhubarb.  This year, we will eat rhubarb.


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