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S.U.F.I. March 9, 2010

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About 2 weeks ago my mother-in-law gave us an article from the Beacon Journal.  The article talked about different local and nationwide programs that encourage, foster and do urban farming and green space.  She, rightly so, thought that we would find the article interesting.

The following blurb from the article jumped out to both Nate and I

Thanks to enthusiasm and support from partners in the Summit Food Policy Coalition, a group started last year to address food access in Summit County, Akron is jumping on the urban farming band wagon. The Summit Urban Farming Initiative (SUFI), a seven-week training program, will begin in March at the Akron General Wellness Center in Bath Township. The pilot program, co-sponsored by OSU Extension of Summit County, Akron’s Department of Planning and Urban Development and the Summit Food Policy Coalition, will be offered on Thursday evenings through April.

So we signed up to take the 7 week class starting this Thursday.  I am very excited to learn what these classes have to offer.  Our church hopes to be starting up a community garden this summer and we have talked about using our own property to start and support a CSA.  Both of these ideas are just that though, ideas.  Having a forum and chance for instruction on questions and ideas is very exciting.

So exciting that I think we are going to have to buy new notebooks just for the class!


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