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public speaking March 2, 2010

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I am a bad speaker.  I don’t have any trouble getting my words out, I just have trouble getting my point across. 

Frequently my husband and I will be with a group of friends family or peers and I will be talking about something, trying to get a point of view or an opinion across.  Three quarters of the way through my stumbling I stop, look at Nate and say ” you tell them what I am trying to say.”  And then he does.  He is extremely good at deciphering what I am trying to say and then simplifying it into a succinct and perfect sentence! (He is so very handy to have around, and he makes pancakes too!)

I have a hard time taking my thoughts, ideas, passions and putting them into cohesive and most importantly coherent explanations.  While having Nate correlate and finish up my ramblings with friends and family is ok, it is not when I get asked to speak in front of people.

Two times this past week I hav been asked or encouraged to speak.  Both instances would be in a classroom with high schoolers and both opportunities are about food.  Obviously something I like a lot.  I would love to speak, but I have no idea how!!  In talking with Nate, he can understand me you know, he mentioned this idea thinking it would help me.

Start at the end.  Figure out what point or idea I want the people listening  to grasp, and walk away with and then work backward from there.  It sounds so simple, and really it is, but I know now that is the source of my problem.  ( I said problem, not problems.  I know I still have some to take care of.)


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