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SBKA or summit county beekeepers association January 28, 2010

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Have you ever sat through a class with an extremely knowledgeable  but horrible teacher?  My intro into beekeeping classes are a perfect example of this.  Tonight’s class was the second in a series of three sessions about bees, beekeeping and general how to information about honey bees.

Something I have learned about beekeeping and beekeepers in general is this.  For every one question, there are three possible answers and each of those answers boil down to “it just depends on the attitude of your bees.”  This might be a slight exaggeration, but not really.

You are on the area swarm list to get a call to capture a swarm and score some free bees, frustration and probably a few bee stings.  Great, here is how you capture a swarm, but it depends on how high up they are, what time of day it is, where the queen is located and of course what is the general “mood” of these bees.

What is the best time of the day to open up the hives and take a look?  Well generally try for the hottest time of the day, the bulk of the worker bees will be outside looking for nectar, pollen and water and the hive will be a little slower because of the heat, but you really just need to get a feel for your bees moods.

I’m told that, just as with everything else, there is a Beekeeping for Dummies book.  And while it comes with surprisingly high recommendations I think I will find it tells me what I already know. 

Bee’s can have a bad day too.


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  1. Kevin Braun Says:

    There are a lot of online forums on beekeeping which can be very helpful

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