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a recipe January 25, 2010

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I love to read, look at, study and make new recipes.  Cooking and food blogs are something I love to read and follow and I have often thought that I would love to take part in some food blogging collaborations.  There is just one big problem…

I don’t follow recipes.

This makes posting or writing about a recipe very difficult.  I don’t generally measure, I add spices by smell and taste and less by what is instructed, and I have a very hard time recreating any dish I have made because I don’t take the time to write down the changes and things I did differently.  This bothers my husband more than he verbalizes but believe me, I can sense it and I am pretty sure you would as well.

You see I cook by sense, feel and look and I believe, because I have some cooking experience built up and it makes me feel good about myself, recipes are more of a guide than instructions.  All of this changed for one 24 hour period over this past weekend.  I followed 1 recipe completely, 2 recipes partially and took the time to completely write out and document an “experiment” that turned out splendidly. 

As I can only really give you the recipe I followed 100%, here is the link.  Chocolate Pecan Cake.  Below is a list of the qualifications I had when searching for a dessert, and they are steep.   So please make it,  read the reviews and cut the cooking time short.  I only needed 38 min.  (small note here, this is only 3/4 cup away from being gluten-free and I really want to try it again with those changes, maybe I will post a recipe then)

1.  Substance.  I asked Nate what he wanted for dessert and he said something with substance…I ask you to explain to me exactly what that means. 

2.  Chocolate.  Ok, this one is easy except that I don’t particularly like chocolate cakes, he does.

3.  Egg Whites.  I have or rather had a freezer full of egg whites.  So many recipes call for egg yolks only and the saver and “user upper” in me just cannot throw away the left over egg whites.  However, I don’t particularly like angel food cake and my other attempts at meringue cookies have flopped, pun intended, so I am left with frozen, ziplock baggies  filled with 2 or 3 or 6 egg whites in them. 

4. Pantry items.  I wasn’t going to the store that day.  You could not have made me.  This cake could not call for anything I didn’t already have.

So there you have it!  A recipe link, a new leaf for me and hope for maybe another recipe in the future.  Amazing!


2 Responses to “a recipe”

  1. Diane Says:

    I will have to try it; sounds delicious! And what do you mean, you don’t follow recipes? I had no idea…

  2. molly Says:

    sounds like a cake you won’t have to defenestrate!

    i feel the same way about recipes – more like a suggestion than an edict. though when it comes to baking, i usually follow the recipe a little closer, making substitutions when i feel they’re in order or necessary due to a lack of ingredients. i get really excited when i realize i’ve memorized a recipe – like the first time i made tollhouse cookies without looking at the back of the package. it seemed like a great achievement (though really after 25 years of making them, i should know the recipe by heart).

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