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wood, but not THAT kind January 19, 2010

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We heat with wood, as in logs, bark, grain, labor intensive, free, HOT wood.  When we moved into our current house there was no wood stove.  There was a very old and burnt out furnace, literally…it had charcoal on the outside.  We replaced the furnace with another old hand-down furnace and seriously kidded about heating with wood.  That first winter our gas bill was amazing, scary and HUGE.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of factors at play here, large gaps and no insulation being the two biggest, but still!  The following summer that kidding turned to serious talking and we pursued getting a wood stove for the basement.

Oh the gloriousness that winter.  A gas credit instead of bill, warm floors, sweet smoky smell of wood fire, lots of work and great satisfaction in watching the thermostat go up without turning the furnace on.  The house was still drafty and our heating inefficient but time and repairs to the outside of the house has greatly improved our heat staying power.

Now each year is a cycle of find wood, bring it home, cut split chop and stack wood to season for a year or so before we pile it into the back of the truck and haul it to the house where it gets thrown down a basement window to be stacked  next to the stove for easy loading.  Repeat when the call comes of we have wood, a tree came down, do you want it?

I grew up hauling firewood and loved and hated it.  Jack is going to grow up with it as well.  Right now it is fun and exciting.  Helping daddy with the piles, and sometimes he really does help.  I have a feeling though…..that might change.  I love that we are able to take an often unwanted item and turn it into a money-saving heat-giving thing.


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  1. Diane Says:

    Frosty the woodsman…

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