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what is a memory? January 6, 2010

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Do you have any pictures that bring more to mind than just a single memory.  With these pictures below I can feel, smell, hear, taste and essentially be at Croatan National Forest again.  There is nothing special about the pictures…it is the memories that make them important to me.  Suntan and a little burn from our days previous at Myrtle.  Wind like you can not imagine, blowing through huge pine trees and making the waves crash so loudly the 20 feet below our campsite.  Sleeping that night was a pleasure!  The taste of our fresh scallops, sweet corn, wine and cheese we had gathered on a bike ride through New Bern.  Local food for an amazing dinner!  This part of our vacation was only 24 hours long, but holds such great memories and brings me such pleasure when looking at them.

What pictures bring “full” memories to life for you?


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