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Clean up, clean up January 5, 2010

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We spent this last weeks  end and weekend doing massive cleaning through out the house.  NOTHING was safe and I washed my hands more in those three days than I had for the month of December combined.  Lots of dust…just saying.


3 gift cards to great places

1 pair of brown leather gloves that match my new coat amazingly well

50 pounds (literally) of food magazines and old magazines that could be recycled
(here is where I should tell you that I have a serious problem with recipes. I can’t throw them away until  I’ve either read it, or tried it out. As a recipe collector, that gets to be messy)

old bear shaped honey jar

a stash of wool and yarn
(here is where I should tell you that I adamently have stated that I am not one of THOSE knitters who buy yarn and don’t use, thus creating a stash. It’s true, I have a stash.)

VHS video’s we borrowed from a co-worker 2 plus years ago…we no longer have a VHS player

enough “cute” stationary to drown a small child. Apparently I would forget and purchase some more, stashing it in    another place. Expect many letters and notes soon.

More importantly, I also found my desire to give things a home.  To make a place for all of that stuff that I feel the need to keep.  Nate cleaned out a spot for a 8 foot crafting table in the basement next to my sewing machine.  He also built me a shelf and a cabinet to store some of the massive amount of fabricyarntrashstartedprojectsetc.  This has been a huge help and motivator to get things done!  So far LJ’s stocking has been finish…I know this is his third christmas, hush, made a promised tea cozy, repaired a favorite pair of dress pants and sorted an immense amount of stuff.

Here is hoping 20-10 will bring lots more finished projects and organized junk!




One Response to “Clean up, clean up”

  1. Diane Says:

    OOooo, a crafting table!! Always helps to get yourself organized!

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