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I’ve been… July 23, 2009

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I’ve been cleaning

I’ve been singing

I’ve been scooping ice cream and eating it too

I’ve been weeding

I’ve been eating

I’ve been beginning to see the garden dream come true

I’ve been feeding

I’ve been waiting

I’ve seen our chickens mature enough to lay two eggs

I’ve been planning

I’ve been stringing lights

I’ve been waiting for tonights party!

I’ve been wiping

I’ve been hugging

I’ve been loving a sick little boy

I’ve been patient

I don’t think I can wait much more

staying at home needs to come now


















    I’ve been wanting this day to be every day.


2 Responses to “I’ve been…”

  1. Ed Ratchford Says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve been crying

    I’e been laughing

    I”ve been working

    I’ve been happy

    I’ve been wishing

    I’ve been camping

    I’ve been praying

    I’ve been fortunate

    I’ve been blessed

    I’ve been touched

    I’ve been hit

    I’ve been missing

    I’ve been waiting

    I’ve been looking forward

    I’ve been wanting

    God has seen me through all of the above and so many more. He will continue to see me through all until I see Him face to face.

    I’ve been loving your Mom, you, your sister and your brother

    I am loving my God and His unbelievable love in supplying my Savior my family, my entire being.

    I’ve been wanting retirement

    I’ve been wanting to hold my wife all day

    I’ve been blessed!!

  2. You’ve sure been doing a lot!

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