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Spare Time April 28, 2009

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What is that? Who has it? Certainly not me! In the far far back recesses of my mind I can recall a time of not having plans or a house to clean or laundry to do or seeds to plant or bread to bake or well you can get the picture.  I wish I had known then, pre house, husband, kid, dog and garden, just how precious that time would be.

Tonight it was stop to pick up new phone, pick up LJ, give him dinner and start prep for our own, bath time, Daddy comes home, change the sheets, transplant wild strawberries out of the to be chicken pen, talk about the layout for future gardens and where to plant the strawberry plants, make dinner, clean up from dinner and make it to bed in time to rest and do it all again tomorrow.  

Complaining I am not, but tired I am.  Excited about strawberries although we cannot eat them this first year and overwhelmed by the thought and process that needs to go into creating a yard that works the best for you.  All the while trying to figure out how to make it look nice as well as be functional.  Hmm, is that possible?


2 Responses to “Spare Time”

  1. Ed Ratchford Says:

    Well, welcome to the real world of married life, parenting, house owning and all that goes with the above. Honey, I never knew how much I was missing in life until I got married, had kids, owned a home, had a great job, met Jesus Christ, the list goes on. Time will fly by but it will be oh so good. Love you a lot,

  2. Diane Says:

    So much to do in so little time…somehow it all gets done! I’m sure your strawberries will be delicious next year! The Louisiana strawberries are SO tasty right now!

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